Monday, August 14, 2006


Lance Rose
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Michelle McCurdy

Schedule 2006

schedule as I know it.

Aug 14 (Mon) - 8:00 AM MVISD Start of school.

Aug 17 (Thur) - 9:00 Local Kick-off in Mrs. McCurdys classroom
- It would be good if we could get some people from other schools to come to this.
- Have "The Claw" (our robot from last year) on hand
- Have the T-Shirt launcher on hand to demo
- Everyone should wear their T-shirts from last year or the summer build T-shirts

Sep 9 (Sat) - Dallas BEST kick-off at TI in Dallas
- Road trip!
- We need to resolve not to leave CiCi's until we have a solid, on paper plan.
- We need to build the set pieces with one week.

Sep 16 (Sat) - Design and set done.
- This is important.
- We need to have a working “set”
- We need a documented design to work from.
- We need a full detail schedule and timeline
- We need to have teams selected and leaders for each team

o Notebook
o Public relations
- T-shorts
- Sponsors
- New paper/Radio spots
- School news
o Web Site
o Booth
o Photography
- Build Pics
- Video
o Builders

** There may be more **

Oct 14 (Sat) - Mall day at Town East

Oct 21 (Sat) - The Real Deal

List of things to do.
- Build a list of possible sponsors
- Contact sponsors
- Build a list of contacts at other schools
- Contact other schools